Bizitza, elkarbizitza eta orokorrean gu geu eta bizitza bera nolakoak diren hausnartzeko istorio eta iritziak zabaltzeko gunea da hau.
Post laburrak eta estilo xumez idatzitakoak dira. Baketikek ez zaitu aspertu nahi. Hausnarketak eta galderak eragin nahi dizkizu. Zure iruzkinak ere ongi etorriak izango dira.

About Izeba Project


What is Izeba Project?
It is a network of mentor people/families who agree to act like aunts/uncles with minors who for various reasons live apart from their own families of origin and are under the guardianship of the public authorities, residing in institutional facilities in Gipuzkoa (Basque Country, Spain).

What is the objective of the program?
Contribute to improving the quality of life of minors under guardianship through a reference family that collaborates in their personal development through social mentoring.

What are the functions of the mentors?
Offer affectivity and social relations through periodic visits and encounters, and regular telephone calls or different forms of support or mediation with the environment within the time availability of the volunteer.

Who can be a mentor person/family?
Adults with or without children who want to share voluntarily part of their free time with a child or youth in vulnerable situation.

Who supports the mentors?
Baketik, as founder and promoter of the Izeba project, offers ongoing support to volunteers to clarify their doubts and advise them in their relationship with the tutored child or youth. In addition, the mentors also receive support from the social workers of the foster homes where the mentees live.

This project has the Quality Mentoring Seal

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